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REPORT ztest.

DATA: lv_actual_date TYPE sy-datum,

lv_end_of_month_date TYPE sy-datum.

PARAMETERS: p_date TYPE dats , " original date

p_years LIKE vtbbewe-atage , " years to be added

p_months LIKE vtbbewe-atage , " months to be added

p_days LIKE vtbbewe-atage . " days to be added

lv_actual_date = p_date.



i_date = lv_actual_date

i_years = p_years

i_months = p_months

i_days = p_days

i_calendar_days = 0

i_set_last_day_of_month = 'X'


e_date = lv_end_of_month_date.

WRITE:/ 'last day of this month after years' , p_years , 'months' , p_months, 'days' , p_days .

write:/ 'from the entered date is :' , lv_end_of_month_date .

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