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This is possible by using the function module PRINT_SELECTIONS .
Check this example for printing the data on the selection screen , You need to call this function module after writing the data in report .  report ztests.
types: begin of t_varinfo,
          flag type c,
          olength type x,
          line like raldb-infoline,
        end of t_varinfo.
parameters: p_test(20)  type c ,
            p_test1 type i,
            p_test2 type i .
data:tables type TRDIR-NAME occurs 0 with header line ,
     infotab type t_varinfo occurs 0 with header line.
start-of-selection .
write:/ p_test ,
        p_test2 .
    mode            = tables       
    rname           = sy-repid   "program name
    rvariante       = 'TEST'     "varient name
    infotab         = infotab
 LOOP AT infotab.
    WRITE / infotab-line.

create  the variant TEST with any value you want  .

Run the program this will gives you the output  along with the selection screen data   .