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Welcome to the Web Services ABAP wiki space!

This is the starting point for topics around ABAP Web services based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP 2, SP 8 (SAP_BASIS 7.02). In this space, you find conceptual articles, how-to guides, a glossary, and useful links to further SAP documentation.

SAP NetWeaver implements the basic standards for Web Services: eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Service Definition Language (WSDL). For more information, refer to Supported Standards.

Note that we are continuously adding content to this wiki to cover more topics around ABAP Web services. Also, a collection of FAQs are to come soon!

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Top KBAs/Notes

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1711486 - Error when calling Web Services from browser or transaction SICF
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2212497 - Error: "No web service configuration for this access path" in tr. SRT_UTIL error
2175422 - Web service provider configuration in transaction SOAMANAGER [Video]
1947516 - SOAMANAGER Ping Web Service returns HTTP error
1959973 - How to test a web service using SoapUI
2316667 - Error while parsing an XML stream: 'undeclared namespace prefix'
1887188 - Various locks in transaction SM12 on WSRM and bgRFC tables

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Page: ABAP Web Service Monitors Page: Central Business Scenario Configuration Page: Common Issues Page: Configuration-less Shortcut and Generic Consumer Proxy Page: Error and Conflict Handler (ECH) Page: Glossary of Terms Used with SOA Manager Page: Handling of Design Time Changes Page: How to configure a Service Consumer Page: How to configure a Service Provider Page: How to Configure a Service Provider - Simplified Page: How to configure a system as central system Page: How to create a Domain in Central SOAManager Page: How to create a Management Connection to a central system Page: How to create and assign Logon Data Page: How to create and process Central Business Scenario Configuration Page: How to create a Service Group Page: How to create Fallback Logical Port Page: How to find Business Application ID in a Web Service Provider System Page: How to find documentation for ABAP Proxy Generation Page: How to find Web Service WSDL in SOA Manager Page: How to manually create a Domain System in Central SOAManager Page: How to set up ABAP Services Registry Page: How to set up a Connection and Publication to the Services Registry Page: How to use Logical Receiver Determination Page: How to use Technical Receiver Determination Page: Migration of Web Service Configurations based on the Netweaver Release 6.40 Framework Page: Plain SOAP Page: Proxy Features Downport 2011 Page: SOAManager Documentation via Help Link in Page Header Page: Technical and Logical Receiver Determination Page: Technical Setup and Reset of the Web Service Runtime Page: Troubleshooting Guide - Web Services ABAP Page: Using Reverse Proxies Page: Web Service Runtime Monitor Page: Web Service Testing Using the J2EE Server Web Service Navigator