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Welcome to the central WIKI homepage for RFC (Remote Function Call). This is the SDN WIKI starting point for RFC topics.

General RFC information (BC-MID-RFC)

Resource handling as of 740 SP2

Changed configuration as of 7.40 SP2

Session Priority and Work Process Quota in SAP Kernel 7.4x

Remote logon, Trusted-Trusting

Trusted/trusting systems

Trusted/Trusting Relationships Between SAP Systems

Analyzing "Remote login" problems in SM59

Missing output of RFC short dump after login error

How to setup a trusted RFC connection between SAP systems: a step-by-step guide

Traces and analysis

RFC trace generation scenarios

RFC tracing for ABAP-to-ABAP communication

RFC trace generation for sporadic errors

Trace of information on RFC caller

Determining RFC client when sign-on problems occur

Recent Released Notes

Important t/qRFC-knoweldge

Known scenarios & limitations in tRFC qRFC - SM58 SMQ1 SMQ2

SMQR - Inbound queue scheduler settings - explained

Determining the maximum connections in transaction SMQS

Outbound Scheduler/qOUT Scheduler

Delete unprocessed LUWs in the qRFC

Unified Connectivity - UCON (BC-MID-UCO)


Unified Connectivity Overview (updated in June 2021)
39 slides


UCON RFC Basic Scenario - Guide to Setup and Operations (updated in 2021)
34 slides


SAP Insider: Secure Your System Communications with Unified Connectivity (2014)
5 pages

Whitepaper RFC (2014) ->
39 pages

Video Blog Series (2014)

UCON - Step 1/7 - How to Set the Profile Parameter for UCON

UCON - Step 2/7 - How to Schedule the Batch Job to Collect the Statistical Records for UCON

UCON - Step 3/7 - How to Run the UCON Setup to Create the Technical Entities Needed

UCON - Step 4/7 - How to Choose a Suitable Duration of the Logging and Evaluation Phase

UCON - Step 5/7 - How to Assign a Function Module to the Default CA

UCON - Step 6/7 - How to Assign a Function Module to the Evaluation Phase

UCON - Step 7/7 - How to Assign a Function Module to the Final & Check-active Phase

Online Help

Unified Connectivity: Tools

Consulting Notes (Application component BC-MID-RFC)

Note 2044302 - Scheduling standard job SAP_UCON_MANAGEMENT on 7.40
Note 2190119 - Background information about SAP S/4HANA technical job repository as of 7.50

Note 2687602 - AUTHORITY_CHECK_RFC checks differently than RFC
(Relevant only for own development of remote scenarios)

Note 2521222 - Protokollierungspflichtige Tabellen im RFC / UCON

Note 2435969 - Flexible Reading Interval for UCON RFC Data Collector
(UCON rfc data collector dumps with memory issues)