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Welcome to the SAP Gateway wiki space!

Note that we are continuously adding content to this wiki to cover more topics around SAP Gateway and OData framework. 


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Troubleshooting - Analyzing and Tools
Troubleshotting - Error Resolution
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Common Issues The most generic issues and errors with OData services and requests 

  • FAQ Collection of problems and questions with solutions and answers
Top KBAs/Notes

1942072 - SAP Gateway 2.0 Support Package Stack Definition
1574568 - SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 - Known Constraints
1896961 - HTTP/HTTPS Configuration for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
2362876 - Gateway performance issue - relevant notes
2370618 - SAP Gateway $filter value not handed over correctly to the backend
2679134 - SAP Gateway responds with HTTP 403 Forbidden for some of the services

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