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Was the call successful?

Yes, everything is good, the result arrived as expected. Hooray!

No, I couldn't even test from WS Navigator.

No, the test failed and I got an error.

How to test a Web service provided by SAP?

To test a Webservice, you need the binding WSDL file, which can be found in transaction SOAMANAGER. Check the following page where and what configuration possibilities are available:

How to find Web Service WSDL in SOA Manager

  • The recommended way to test an ABAP Webservice is using Web Service Navigator, which is available on any SAP Java stack. The following WIKI page explains how to configure it: Web Service Testing Using the J2EE Server Web Service Navigator
  • It's also possible to test the service within the ABAP system. However, this  doesn't use the HTTP framework, but it's good in case you would like to test only the request XML, or the results returned by the function behind. To test from ABAP, follow these steps:
  1. Go to transaction SE80.
  2. Display the Service Definition (search it within the Package, or by the name from Enterprise Services).
  3. Click on Test (F8).
  4. Select the operation to test. A sample XML will be displayed, which you can edit using the XML Editor button (Ctrl + F2).
  5. Click Execute (F8) to test the service.
  • If there is no SAP Java Stack in the system landscape, you can create a SAP Consumer Proxy using the WSDL and test with that.
  • An alternative way is to use 3rd party testtools, such as SOAP UI. You can download it from the internet for free.


Do not test Webservices in a browser or using transaction SICF. This is not a proper way of testing, because the browser doesn't send POST method, which is mandatory for the SOAP service. You could get empty page or various HTTP error codes depending on the release. These are all correct and expected. Use one of the methods above to test the service. See SAP Note 1711486 regarding this.

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