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Here you can find common issues for which we can provide solutions.


Note NumberTitleReleased on
1942072SAP Gateway 2.0 Support Package Stack Definition29.02.2016
2244675SAP Netweaver Gateway Runtime FAQ - (IW_FND, IW_BEP, GW_CORE) above SP 09 and SAP_GWFND above SP0819.04.2016
1560585SAP  Gateway 2.0 Release Note15.09.2015
2028852Conversions in SAP NetWeaver Gateway for Different Support Packages04.02.2015
1896961HTTP/HTTPS Configuration for SAP NetWeaver Gateway08.08.2013
1574568SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 - Known Constraints11.08.2016
2175297Gateway is missing under node SAP NetWeaver in SAP Customizing Implementation Guide (SPRO, IMG)08.06.2015
2323678SAP Gateway SAP_GWFND in SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP04 for OData V4 Implementation25.01.2017
2305033SAP Gateway OData V4 $flter Consulting Note05.01.2017


Fiori error: Service <> failed. Contact your system administrator

2378526/IWFND/I_MED_SRH table index issue during system upgrade17.10.2016
2388920Error message "RFC Error: 00024rabax during sapgui logon" in Gateway10.11.2016
2358165Gateway Client error message: Check the ICF nodes in Tx SICF: At least one node24.08.2016
2396419Error "Service can only be deleted in original system" raised in /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE after system copy25.11.2016
2101132SAML log-on procedure for HTTP-handler sap/opu/odata10.02.2016 
2419001Missing transaction - /IWFND/SRV_VALIDATE24.01.2017
2386159System Alias Maintenance Setting14.11.2016


Note NumberTitleReleased on
2359390Gateway error: Annotation document not available26.08.2016
2369270SEGW error: ABAP field name <> is not part of the ABAP structure <>21.09.2016
2369383SEGW error: Facet 'Precision'/'Maxlength' not applicable for EDM type <>21.09.2016
2384075'Base object deleted' error in SEGW28.10.2016
2401200Dump while redefining an OData service with GenIL Business Transaction07.12.2016
2372231MDX hierarchy is not getting with odata services28.09.2016
2373311Error while generating external OData Services in transaction /IWBEP/OCI_SRV_GE12.10.2016
2411379HTTP 406 Not Acceptable response is returned to an OData request09.01.2017
2396407No change is the runtime artifacts after extending and generating a service in25.11.2016
2363507Association with abstract base type entity30.01.2017
2416800Genflag Gateway Objects / No Vocabulary Annotation File found26.01.2017
2374420OCI Integration : OData Service Using OCI Integration Gives Default Decimal Val24.01.2017
2353597Exception CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB in Subscription scenario in SAP Gateway10.01.2017
2355578Dump CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW when max_length is greater or equal to 21474836410.01.2017
2278354Parallelization of $batch requests was activated incorrectly21.11.2016
2295609$filter=substringof() is not working properly14.07.2016
2424613How to assign an OData service from Local Object ($TMP) to a Transport Request07.02.2017


Note NumberTitleReleased on
2411022Empty response for JSON format while in XML format the correct response returne09.01.2017
2400124Gateway error: Invalid key predicate06.12.2016
2400214Trusted RFC Error: No authorization to log via a trusted system06.12.2016


Gateway performance issue - relevant notes

2338717PUT and POST methods are not working with HTTPS06.02.2017
2370618SAP Gateway $filter value not handed over correctly to the backend04.11.2016
2357612Short dump SYNTAX_ERROR during Gateway service activation in CL_GBAPP_APV_PR_AP14.10.2016
2396241Exception of type CX_PARAMETER_INVALID_RANGE for Edm.DateTime type property25.11.2016
2293498Wrong entity type is called with navigation 18.03.2016
2296029 Support for Non unicode system 23.06.2016
2278290 String truncation in $filter in non unicode system 13.09.2016
2347483Runtime error SYSTEM_DATA_ALREADY_FREE26.07.2016
2101132SAML log-on procedure for HTTP-handler sap/opu/odata14.04.2016
2006602Dump when calling a service with with RFC destination 'NONE'19.11.2015
2339460Exception "Invalid or no mapping to system data types found" for task processing02.12.2016
2406362Wrong entity set name in JSON response body19.12.2016
2423959'XML file does not seem to have any style information associated with it' message07.02.2017
1868586Problem when consuming a Gateway test service30.01.2014 


Note NumberTitleReleased on
2331443EWA warning for Gateway and error message: Failed to delete all entries from the device manager database06.07.2016

SAP Netweaver Gateway Metering FAQ

2293307Deactivate Gateway Metering24.03.2016 
2328655Number of deleted entries counter in the report /IWBEP/R_MGW_URM_UR_CLEANUP is incorrect09.09.2016
2182094Read Access Logging in SAP Gateway10.01.2016
2425437Cell format issue in Excel after exporting from Fiori 
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