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Could you successfully create and activate the Endpoint in SOAMANAGER?

Yes, created and activated it successfully.

No, I've got a problem.

How to create a runtime configuration (Service + Binding) for a Service Definition?

Once a Web Service definition is created, you need to create runtime configuration to be able to call the webservice from external tools / SAP as Service Consumer. You can do that in transaction SOAMANAGER. Nb. bindings are often reffered as endpoints.



The first step is to run transaction SOAMANAGER. Check SAP Note 1936501 to troubleshoot SOAMANAGER problems, such as:

  • Blank page 

  • Wrong URL (protocol, host, port should be different) 

  • HTTP 500 error 

  • Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage 

  • The content of the page is displayed with white background, unformatted

When SOAMANAGER runs correctly, follow one of these guides to create the the endpoint:

Configuring a Service Provider (

How to configure a Service Provider (step-by-step including screenshots)

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