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This page gives tips on how to analyse and resolve the issue where users get the error: ERROR  max no of 100 conversations exceeded on the SAP Gateway.


This issue happens when the communication table is full of CPIC conversations. RFC requests are no longer accepted to avoid the server being overloaded. The steps below explain how to resolve this issue when it happens.

Analysis and Resolution

The first step is to check each and every recommendation contained in the KBA below:

 Note 1507034: Max number of gateway connections / Maximum number of conversations exceeded.

If you have followed the suggestions from the note and still the issue persist you need to check and make sure the following has been done:

  1. Check if you set CPIC_MAX_CONV = e.g. 2000 exactly on that host, where the error message is issued?
  2. Set  CPIC_MAX_CONV = 2000 on the host, where the call is made.  Be aware, you need to restart the application, which makes the call. Only then the newly set env. variables is effective. Make a test. If the test fails again, provide a trace and a snapshot proving the variable is set properly. Attach this for SAP Support to analyse and advise further.
  3. Another possibility on why the issue might still persist after the above; is that may be that SAP didn't get the updated value when you've restarted it. You can confirm that SAP got the correct value by running the transaction SE38, report RSBDCOS0, and then running the command "set findstr CONV".
  4. Technically you can set value over 4096 to system. As an alternative way, you can set 4096 to the 3 parameters:




      5.   Finally,  you should set gw/max_conn and gw/max_sys to the same value of CPIC_MAX_CONV. To ensure that it will get the new value, you need to stop SAP, then restart the Windows Service SAP <SID>_$$ (where " <SID>" is the system ID, and "$$" is the instance number), and then start SAP again.


Number of Connections for external clients


The environment variable needs to be set on both sides, client and server. It is part of the SAP RFC library SDK so should be available on the external side also. See note 314530 - "Number of RFC/CPIC connections for external clients" already attached. The RFC library has an internal default of 100 parallel connections. This can be overridden by the environment variable.

The external server side will then need to be restarted.  


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