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Was the call successful?

Yes, everything is good, the result arrived as expected. Hooray!

No, I've got an error and it's the following scenario (see explanation below)...

  1. Communication error when executing Service Consumer (the request couldn't be sent)
  2. HTTP error returned by the provider when executing Service Consumer
  3. Provider's response cannot be parsed when executing Service Consumer (response arrived with HTTP 200 OK)

How to execute/test a Consumer Proxy?

After the Consumer Proxy is successfully generated and a Logical Port in SOAMANAGER created, it's possible to execute or just test the Proxy. You can find an example code snippet how to trigger a proxy call and a way for quick testing in the following wiki page: How to configure a Service Consumer.

I've got an error. Which scenario applies to my call?

If transaction SRT_UTIL is available in your release, this is the best way to find out more on the call. Go to the Error Log and find the erroneous call. What to look for in each scenario:

  1. Scenario 1: The error refers to connection problems. Error Category: Commnunication
    • Invalid HTTP Connection parameters
  2. Scenario 2: The error shows the HTTP error code and the details what went wrong. Error Category: WS-Configuration
    • HTTP Code: 500 ( SRT: Unexpected failure in SOAP processing occurred: (<details here>) )
    • HTTP Code: 500 ( SoapFaultCode:5  Internal Error )
    • HTTP Code: 404 ( Not Found )
    • HTTP Code: 401 ( Unauthorized )
  3. Scenario 3: Parsing the response fails at one of the elements of the response. See a few examples below. Error Category: XML Conversion
    • Error while parsing an XML stream: 'undeclared namespace prefix'
    • Error while parsing an XML stream: 'document not wellformed'
    • The argument <string> cannot be interpreted as a number

For older releases, where transaction SRT_UTIL is not available, there are two options to find out more. One is the SOAMANAGER Logs and Traces function, the other is a level 3 ICM trace. It's much more difficult to analyse and find the root cause with these tools, therefore it's not possible to give general guidelines. SRT_UTIL is available since 7.01 SP5 and all SPs in 7.02 or newer releases. It's highly recommended to upgrade to the latest release!

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