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Are the toupper() and tolower() functions supported?As described in
These functions are not supported by SAP Gateway Foundation (ABAP Runtime). We only support startswith, endswith, substringof in filter expression. 
Is HTTP "OPTIONS" supported? 
HTTP method "OPTIONS" and CORS are not supported by SAP Gateway. Instead of them a reverse proxy needs to be used. This constraint is documented is SAP note 1574568:
A dump has occurred in transaction SEGW after redefining an existing business object based on GenIL with Business Transaction. Why?
This is a known constraint of SAP Gateway. Redefinition of GENIL with Business Transaction is not supported.”
Truncated filter values causes issues in runtime. How to fix it?
Truncated filter values is a known SAP Gateway issue for lower SAP_GWFND releases (SAP_GWFND 750 SP05 and below). The relevant notes have to be implemented, refer to SAP note 2370618.
After exporting tables from Fiori Applications to an excel spreadsheet, amounts are displayed and handled as text values- Why?
On lower SAP_GWFND releases (750 and below) this is the standard system behavior, there are no workarounds to change it. We have documented the issue in SAP note 2425437.
There are OData related SSO (Single Sign-On) issues after system upgrade or implementing protocols like SPNego. What should be checked?
The "odata" ICF node might cause the issue: In transaction SICF change the Logon Procedure of odata node to 'Standard' regarding to SAP note 2101132. (The Logon Procedure also has to be changed manually higher releases than SAP_GWFND SP13). 

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