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How to create a Domain in Central SOA Manager

Domains are created by technical administrators who set up landscapes of ABAP systems and know which ABAP systems (clients) need to establish web service connections between each other but do not necessarily know about the business and hence do not know which connections are required.

But technical admistrators know what security and proxy settings are required when there is a need for a business connection between two systems (clients). Hence they are able to maintain security settings and proxy settings for a domain and assign the participating systems to the domains.


Domains are used to carry a certain set of security and proxy settings which are valid if it comes to configuration of Web Service connections between the Domain Systems assigned to a domain.

Security settings are the authentication methods allowed in the domain such as user/password, single sign on and X.509 client certificates for both transport layer security and message layer security.

Furhtermore the level of security on transport layer can be controlled.

The settings made in the domain on the central system are distributed into all participating systems as versioned profile. 


Domains can only be created in systems (clients) which are marked as central system in SOA Manager on the Management Connections tab. Also Domain Systems can only be created in a central system. These are automatically created once a Management Connection is created from a managed system to a central system.


Domains are only available in a central system and only used for central business scenario configuration.


1. Open SOA Manager in central system.

2. Go to the Technical Administrations tab and choose Domains.

3. Now all available domains are listed

4. Choose Create. A pop up opens asking for domain name, priority and description.

5. Enter domain name, priority and description, choose Create. The domain is created.

6. Choose the appropriate authentication method, Check "Secure Communication Only" in case you want to use only https as transport protocol in the domain; check the Transport Settings tab for proxy settings.

7. Activate the domain

8. Add domain systems to the domain

Click on Add System

Select the domain system from the dropdown list

System is added to the domain system list.


The The domain is created and activated, domain systems have been assigned.

Now connections defined in the central business scenario configuration can be transferred to the managed systems and can be configured there.

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