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How to find Web Service WSDL in SOA Manager

This article describes how to find WSDL for a Web Service in ABAP System via SOA Manager.


Web Service should be active in the ABAP Workbench (SE80) before it's WSDL is retrieved in SOA Manager.

WSDL containing bindings is available only if the respective Web Service is first configured in SOA Manager.

You need to have the following roles to be able to able to extract WSDL for a Web Service:
More information: SAP Note 1318883 (Introduction of new authorizations in Web Service)



  1. Start SOA Manager.
    Use transaction SOAMANAGER. SOA Manager is opened in a new window.

    The SOA Manager is an ABAP WebDynpro application. It is like each regular WD application using an ICF node for accessing it. You may use transaction SICF to check that the ICF node for SOA Manager transaction (/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/appl_soap_management) is active.
    More information about this subject: SAP Note 1124553 and 1088717.

  2. Go to the Service Administration tab.
  3. Select Web Service Configuration.

  4. Select option Service Definition from dropdown Search by and Specify the Web Service name. Press Go to search for the Web Services.

    You can also search with pattern '*' in case Web Service name is not fully known. Search is done on the Object's Internal and External name simultaneously.

  5. Select the desired Web Service in the result set and choose Apply Selection.

  6. Go to the Overview tab.
  7. Select Open Design Time WSDL document to generate Design time WSDL for this Web Service.
    New browser window will be opened and fresh WSDL will be generated.

    This WSDL does not contain any Bindings. This Web Service WSDL should be identical to the WSDL seen in the Web Service development workbench (SE80).

  8. a. Under release SAP_BASIS 740  choose the desired binding from the dropdown Select Binding and select Open WSDL document for selected binding or service to generate binding WSDL for the selected binding.
    This will generate a Monolithic WSDL containing policies for the selected binding.

    Binding WSDL is generated only if the Web Service is already configured and has at least one binding.
    More Information : How to configure a Service Provider

     b. From release SAP_BASIS 740 the layout looks different in SOAMANAGER
    Select the icon to open the WSDL generation wizard of the binding WSDL file

    Choose the icon to generate the WSDL file

  9. More specific WSDL can be generated by expanding the tray WSDL Generation .

    Choose the desired WSDL option from this tray and select Open WSDL document for selected binding or service again to regenerate the WSDL.

    1. Choose option Monolithic WSDL to False if fragmented WSDL is desired.
    2. Choose option WSDL Format to Standard if WSDL without policies is desired.
    3. Choose option WSDL style to RPC if RPC style WSDL is desired.
    4. Choose option WSDL Document Type to All bindings of Service if WSDL containing all bindings associated to a WSDL service is desired.
    5. Choose option Binding SOAP Version to control the SOAP version of WSDL. This setting takes effect if WSDL Document Type is set to Selected Binding Only.
    6. Choose Options for WSDL Access and URLs to influence the WSDL and Binding URL i.e. host, port, protocol and path prefix. This can be desired if a Reverse Proxy is in place during the Web Service communication.

      Content of WSDL files are generated dynamically, depending on the parameters in the WSDL's URL path. Changing above settings will change these parameters. If you set the desired settings, then save or publish the generated WSDL URL, the same content will be returned each time this address is called - independently from the SOAMANAGER settings.


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