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How to manually create a Domain System in Central SOA Manager

Domain systems are created by technical administrators who set up landscapes of ABAP systems and know which ABAP systems (clients) need to establish Web Service connections between each other but do not necessarily know about the business and hence do not know which connections are required.


A domain system represents a single system which participates in the central Web service configuration process. In ABAP, a system is defined as an SAP client. The domain system contains information about where and how to obtain Web service meta data of the particular system, e.g. identifier of the system in a Services Registry or the URL of the WSIL service of that system. It also provides the credentials for WSIL lookup and WSDL retrieval. 

If the domain system represents an ABAP system, it addtionally has a link to the Management Connection which transfers the central configuration tasks to that system. 

Manual creation

You do not need to create a domain system manually if it represents an ABAP system as it gets automatically created once a Management Connection is created from that system to the central system. Manual creation is currently necessary for non-ABAP systems only.


The system which shall be represented by the domain system you want to create is a non-ABAP system, otherwise please create  a Management Connection from the represented system to the central system. This will also generate a domain system which is populated with all the necessary data.

The central capabilities are only visible if you are logged on to a central system, therefore SOAMANAGER looks different if you are in a central system. If you are not sure whether you are logged on to a central system go to Management Connections tab, choose Management Connection, then choose Configuration and see the Central System checkbox. Additionally the title mentions that it is a central system. In SAP BASIS >= 7.40 releases you find the settings under "Technical Administration→SAP Client Settings→Central Configuration".


Domain systems are only available in a central system and only used for central business scenario configuration.


  1. Open SOA Manager in the central system.
    In a central system, the SOA Manager title starts with "Central SOA Management".
  2. Go to the "Technical Administration" tab and click on "Domain Systems".
    All available Domain Systems are listed
  3. Click the "Create" button.
  4. Enter a Domain System ID, Name and Description.
  5. Enter the SLD identifier.
    This is the key of that system when publishing in a Services Registry. This information is needed to find publications of that system. For ABAP systems, it is the ID of the system in SAP's System Landscape Directory. For non-ABAP systems it is the identifier the system uses to identify itself when publishing to the Services Registry.
  6. Click "Create".
    You are now able to define additional parameters for the domain system.
  7. For non-ABAP systems, check the "Do not use WSIL" checkbox.
  8. Under "WSDL Documents", enter the credentials to access the WSDL file.
  9. For non-ABAP systems, check the "Tolerant search" box.
  10. Go to the "Business Applications" tab.
  11. Define a Business Application for your Domain System. A Business Application bundles all implementations of your Web Service interfaces deployed on the Domain System. For example, a Web Service interface "PurchaseOrder" may be implemented twice on your Java Server, once in a CRM and once in an SRM. To distinguish which implementation is the correct one, the Business Application is used. In this example you would have to create two Business Applications: CRM and SRM. Please make sure that the Business Application IDs are unique in your landscape. As Web Service interfaces cannot be implemented more than once in an ABAP system, each SAP client has one Business Application called using a GUID (UUID) as ID.
  12. Click "Save".

    Automatic Business Application retrieval by clicking the "Retrieve Business Applications" button is only available if the Domain System is created for an ABAP system.


  1. Open SOAManager in the central System. You will see that you have started SOAManager in a central system if the title starts with "Central SOA Management".
  2. Go to Tab "Technical Administrations" and click on the link "Domain Systems".
  3. Now all available Domain Systems are listed
  4. Click on Create. A Pop Up opens asking for Domain System Name, ID and description.
  5. Fill in the SLD identifier which is the key of that system when publishing in a Services Registry. This information is needed to find publications of that systems.
  6. Leave the "Management Connection Key" input field empty as Domain Systems have to be created manually for non-ABAP systems (or SAP_BASIS < 7.02 SP 8) only which do not support automatic, central configuration.
  7. Check the checkbox "Do not use WSIL", if you create a Domain System for a non-abap system. This should be the case as Domain Systems for ABAP systems are created automatically during Management Connection creation
  8. Fill in credentials for WSDL access.
  9. Check the box tolerant search if the represented system is non-ABAP, e.g. .NET or Java.
  10. Go to tab "Business Applications" and define a Business Application for your Domain System.
  11. Click "Save"


The Domain is created and activated, Domain Systems have been assigned.

Now Connections defined in Central Business Scenarion Configuration can be transferred to the managed systems and can be configured there.

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