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This wiki prvides information on what to check if the Inbound Scheduler sytays in status WAIT.


We will look at possible reasons for this issue, such as resource problems, load issue and application dependencies.

Resource Problems

This problem can occur of there are no resources available for qRFC processing.

To check this, use trnx "SMQR" goto "QRFC Resources", you may see something
like the following:

This shows that there are 7 dialogs available for qRFC processing.

However, problems may occur of there are no dialog avaiable for some or
all servers. In this case you would see something like
the folllowing:

This can occur if no dialogs have been assigned for the AS group used in SMQR. To resolved the problem
allocate resources via trnx RZ12.

Load issues

The Scheduler may remain in status WAIT if the system cannot cope with the load. To check this, goto transaction SM51, choose "goto", "Server Information" and "Queue Information":

This will then show a screen similar to the following:

If the "requests waiting" value is close to the "Max Req waiting value" this shows a resource issue as the system cannot cope with the load. In this case, the customer may need to add extra dialog work processes or balance the load over more application servers.

Dialogs may also be unavailable if the connection table for one or all servers are full. In this case, you will see the error "GwFiCreateConvId table overflow" in SM21 - to resolve the issue see note 1180734 Overflow of communication table.

Application dependencies 

Status WAIT can also occur if there are many application dependencies - in this case smq2 would show many queues in status waiting - waiting on other queues. SMQ2 should show something like the following:

If there are many dependencies the relevant application should advise further - maybe the number of dependencies could be reduced. In the example above the relevant application would be CRM.

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