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The purpose of this wiki is to provide details on maintaining table QRFCTRACE.


This wiki details how trace information from table QRCTRACE can be deleted.

How to delete entries from the table

There is a function module that is used to delete the entries from table QRFCTRACE called 'QRFC_TRACE_DELETE'.

It is possible for customers to write an ABAP program that can be executed in the background and will call this function module.

The other possibility is to delete the trace information in each tRFC queue name separately. When the user is prompted to delete the trace information, you can enter the name of
the queue instead of entering '*'.

Transaction SMQE:




There have been problems whereby the FM QRFC_TRACE_DELETE ends with a time-out error. In this case, it is possible to executed a "truncate" command on QRFCTRACE table.

If you want to stop the table form being populated,you can deactivate the trace via SMQ1>QRFC> Trace> Deactivate Trace.

If you deactivate the trace, it should stop collecting data in table QRFCTRACE.

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