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The purpose of this wiki is to provide details on how RFC trace files are generated and how to maintain the generation of these files.


This wiki details the different ways in which the rfc trace file can be actived, for example via paramaters, ini files, Sm59 settings and also provides details on how to maintain trace files from being activated remotely.


Options to activate RFC traces

1. Check parameters RFC_TRACE and CPIC_TRACE are both set to a low value.

There are two types of RFC traces:

    • RFC developer traces, you can activate this kind of trace via Trnx SM59.
    • RFC error Traces e.g:
      **** ERROR file opened at 20031009 114921 W. Europe Dayl,
      SAP-REL 700,0,0 RFC-VER 3 MT-SL
      T:2744 ======> Name or password is incorrect. Please re-enter
      T:2744 <* RfcReceive 1 : returns 3:RFC_SYS_EXCEPTION
      This trace cannot be turned off!


2. If an RFC partner turns the trace on, then every RFC partner for the RFC tree has the trace turned on also. This could be where the trace is
coming from.

Check on the external side the environment variable RFC_TRACE

  • on MS win32 systems set RFC_TRACE
  • on Unix/Linux echo $RFC_TRACE 
    3. If a saprfc.ini file is used:
    check the entry of used destination
    RFC_TRACE=1 < set to 0
    4. If external program is start via shell script,the trace flag can be set in comand line, e.g.:

sapinfo dest=... client=... user=... passwd=... lang=... trace=1

5. If the external program is a registered server,trace can be activate by starting server program with -t flag, e.g.:

srfcserv -a... -x... -g... -t
(start without -t flag)

6. The trace may also be generated from an external client, to stop this from happening set the following parameters to 0:

7. The trace may be generated if the trace option in SM59 is activated. An easy way to check all rfc destinations would be to search the RFCDES table for the option T=Y:

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