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 The purpose of this wiki is to provide information on how to deal with RFC passwords not being available after a system copy,client copy or migration. 


 In this wiki we will look at the reasons why RFC passwords may be unavailable and advise how the issue can be resolved.


With this procedure (client copy with consecutive replacement of theRFC destination related tables) you are breaking the relationship between the RFC destination and secure storage. Thus, the passwords of the RFC destinations are effectively "lost" in secure storage.

Replacing the secure storage content by exporting and importing the related tables is not supported by SAP.

The correct procedure for migrating the secure storage is described in note 816861 .

As per note 816861 the migration is carried out in report SECSTORE_CLEANUP:


The procedure described in that note is meant to migrate secure storage entries coming from a system (via system copy, client copy, migration) using a different SID and/or different installation number.

Migrated secure storage content will only work for the application data theat refers to it - if you have replaced your application data in the meantime (like with reimporting previous RFCDES table content), the application's keys to secure storace content will point to secure storage entries that no longer exist, and vice versa.

Reimporting RFCDES table contents from the previous system is not supported by SAP.  RFC destination's passwords are no longer stored
in RFCDES table, but in the secure storage instead.

Please note, that with older releases, RFC passwords have not been stored in the secure storage.

As soon as passwords for RFC destinations are stored in the secure storage, the related secure storage entries must be migrated after the system copy.

You will still be able to import RFCDES content, but you'll need to manually set the passwords in SM59 for all those imported RFC destinations.

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