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The purpose of this wiki is to provide details on resos why the "Remote Logon" button in an RFC Destination in SM59 does not return a response.


 In many cases the "Remote Logon" will not be successful due to Network reasons however if using a saprouter there are configurations that need to be made.

Identifying the issue

 Clicking on the Remote Logon button in SM59 returns no response


Possible causes


It is necessary to ensure that the source and destination hosts should be able to successfully perform the two-way hostname<->IP lookup for the other host that is involved in the RFC connection.

Problems have occurred whereby the response from the RFC-call receiver to the sender gets stuck.

The sending system determines his own IP-address via the command'hostname' on operating system level. This IP-address is sent within the RFC protocol to the receiving system. NAT and other IP-address translations in the firewall are not working on RFC level. The receiver sends a response back to this IP-address, so this IP-Address has to be known on receiver side.

  • Don't use IP-address translations in your firewall. Use firewall and saprouter instead, if possible
  • Define a IP-address routing on the receiving system to route the IP-address to the correct address.



If there is a saprouter maintained in between the client and the target side there are some steps that need to be maintained in order for the "Remote Logon" button to work.

For more information on this see the solution in note 555162 - Asynchronous RFCs with dialog via SAP router

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