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The purpose of this wiki is to provide details on the Reorganise option in transactions SMQ1 and SMQ2.


If outbound or inbound queues haev been deleted via the Reorganise option, then the queues are deleted there is no way frm an RFC perspective to recover them.


If you choose the "Reorganize" option in SMQ1 or SMQ2 queues may be deleted. For example you choose Reorganize in SMQ1:

After you choose Reorganize you will be asked if you really want to delete all queues:

If you choose "Yes" all queues in SMQ1 will be deleted.

There is no option in SMQ1 to undo this delete. However, it may be possible to regenerate the queues again from the application.

You will have to check with the relevant application component if it is possible to regenerate these

BW* queues ==> BC-BW
CIF* queues ==> SCM-APO
CF* queues ==> SCM-APO
R3AD* queues ==>CRM-MW
XBT* queues ==> BC-XI

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