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In 2007 as part of SAP NetWeaver 7.10, SAP has introduced a new software development kit (SDK) for remote function call (RFC) communications: SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK. It is the successor to the well-known "classic" RFC SDK for SAP R/3, and you can use it in C/C++-based applications to communicate with SAP back-end systems ranging from SAP R/3 4.0B to the latest SAP NetWeaver systems. The following article has originally been published in 2007 by SAP Professional Journal and appears here with permission of the publisher, Wellesley Information Services. It takes a deeper look at the design of SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK and explains the ideas behind it.


The third part describes how

  • transactional, queued and background RFC can be used
  • metadata can be hard-coded, instead of using metadata which is dynamically retrieved from the back-end DDIC
  • RFC Callback works in client as well as server programs
  • SSO and SNC can be used


Article in PDF format: NW RFC SDK Part 3: Advanced Topics

Note: the old links to the sample programs given in the article no longer work. Instead the sample programs can now be downloaded here:

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Remaining parts of this series:

Part 1 -- RFC Client Programs

Part 2 -- RFC Server Programs

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