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*** This is a draft version ***

1.Create ABAP proxy:
Go to transaction code SPROXY  / SPROXY_START / SE80 -> create Enterprise Service to generate outside-in proxies (both client proxy and server proxy)
refer also to "useful links" below, and the application help for proxy objects:
 -> open any existing proxy object
  -> click on the icon 'Tips & tricks' (or 'Shift + F1')
   -> choose  'Generation Tips'.
In case of error during generation:
- check if the WSDL is well-formed and references/imports in the WSDL can be resolved
- test the WSDL using the report RSSIDL_DESERIALIZE_DEMO
- check the WSDL against restrictions documented in note: 944029 - XML schema supported by ABAP proxy generation (release dependent)?
- is the WSDL WS-I basic profile compatible?

typical problems  with: xsd:any, xsd:choice,  array types, recursions


2. connection to ESR does not work (only local data visible)/ UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION - CX_SRAPI_PRECONDITION_VIOLATED dump occurs in TA SPROXY:

 - check whether rfc destination SAP_PROXY_ESR exists
 - doublecheck targetr host + port + prefix (check it in a browser too)
 - check under logon tab if user is maintained
 - check authorization of the user
 - check whether the user is locked
 - the password of the maintained user should not be initial

debugger:  e.g check HTTP response:

3. Transformation problems:
1293547 Help for supporting XML, XSLT and Simple Transformations
927276  Generating and testing transformations
1390832 Problems with "disappeared" STs/XSLTs
test stylesheet (enforce generation) #927276

RS_RETRIEVE_XSLT report: #1390832 ujrageneral st-ket



in case of client proxy call:

4. Runtime errors:
Use ICM trace or SICF trace/recorder to verify the HTTP messages:
Increase icm trace to level 3 (TA SMICM -> Goto -> Trace level -> Set) and reproduce the incident. Analyse the icm trace (dev_icm file in 'work' folder).

Synchronous Inbound Messages:
set an external BREAKPOINT <classname>-><interfacename>~EXECUTE_SYCHRONOUS (as of release 71x the name of the method is defined in ESR)
Asynchronous Inbound Messages:
Asynchronous inbound proxies are processed using QRFC inbound queues. The QRFC inbound queue is processed periodically by the QRFC scheduler. To enable a BREAKPOINT to be used on the server side, you must deregister the inbound queue in question so that it is not processed automatically.

also refer to guides:
How To… Debug XI Applications

XI: Debug your inbound ABAP Proxy implementation

Error handling framework for ABAP proxies - Part 1


5. issues in release 620:
52505 - Support after end of mainstream/extended maintenance
1029220 End of mainstream maintenance for SAP XI 2.0.


6. SWCVs not visible in SPROXY:
If a SWCV that has been created in the SLD is not visible in the navigation tree in transaction SPROXY, note the following:

  • SAP components (Vendor = ''):
    The navigation tree only displays the software component versions that are installed in this system (see table CVERS, or choose System -> Status... and then the Component information pushbutton).
  • Non-SAP components (Vendor is not ''):
    All components are displayed.



Proxy generation does not support RPC style WSDL itself.
The soap:binding element has two attributes - style and transport.

The style attribute can be "rpc" or "document". In this case we use document. The transport attribute defines the SOAP protocol to use. In this case we use HTTP.
<binding type="glossaryTerms" name="b1">
   <soap:binding style="document"
   transport="" />
     <soap:operation soapAction=""/>
     <input><soap:body use="literal"/></input>
     <output><soap:body use="literal"/></output>

RPC style web service uses the names of the method and its parameters to generate XML structures that represent a method’s call stack. While document style indicates that the SOAP body contains a XML document which can be validated against pre-defined XML schema document.


Useful notes:
1229048 - Proxy Generation Trouble Shooting
1169688 SP14 Delta
1053030 Proxy changes/delivery in maintenance
1169688 - New Features in Release 7.0 (SP14)
1242795 Mapping of XSD default values by ABAP Proxy
1241442 - How to display VersionID for proxy
1006665 - Checklist for creating a Web Service message 


Useful links:
Working with ABAP Proxies

Programming with Client and Server Proxies

Web Services

Providing a Web Service


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