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The purpose of this wiki is to explain why in some cases the "Unicode" option in SM59 is not editable/greyed out. 


In some cases the Unicode option is not available, this wiki will explain why.


On a Non-Unicode system it is not possible to change the Unicode settings in SM59, even though you are in edit mode.

You will see something like the following:



If you create an RFC connection in a UNICODE system you must specify Unicode settings; but in an NON-UNICODE system this is automatic. So, setting the value on a Non Unicode system is not possible and is also not required because the Tab for setting MDMP & UNICODE in SM59 is only valid (activated) on the UNICODE system. This setting on the Non-Unicode
system is irrelavent.


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  2. Thanks for the info !

    Just as additional back round info:  The reason behind this fact is that the conversion (Non-Unicode - Unicode) is always done by the Unicode system. Hence the Non-Unicode-System sends or receives Non-Unicode data only (it "understands" Non-Unicode only), while the Unicode system might need to do the conversion.