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The purpose of this wiki is to provide information on a particular error reported in Sm58 and steps to troubleshoot the issue on the client and server side. 


This wiki provides troubleshooting help with regard to the "Logon failed" error that can occur when processing tRFC calls. The issue may be that the logon details are incorrect or that the server side cannot accept any more connections.

Identifying the issue

tRFC calls in SM58 fail with the error Logon Failed:



The system log will report the following error:

Communication error, CPIC return code 017, SAP return code 672.


The CPIC return code is 672. From note 63347 you can see that return code 672 means Logon failed.

The corresponding work process trace file will also show an entry for the failed logon and Return code 672:


Troubleshooting the issue

The issue may occur if the logon details on the client side are incorrect. So the RFC destination will need to be checked. In the example above the RFC destination used is DEFCLNT100. So goto transaction SM59 choose RFC destination DEFCLNT100. Form the menu choose utilities ==>  test ==> Authorization test:




Ensure that the test is successful:



The issue could also occur if the server side does not have the capacity for any more connections.  In this case, you would see the following error in the system log SM21 on the server side:

“Maximum number of permitted terminal connections reached

So, the logon is not possible because the number of terminals has been reached.

To resolve the problem you can increase the rdisp/tm_max_no parameter. For more information on this see note 22099.

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