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Telnet Commands Related to the SAP NetWeaver Licensing

Applies to: Check note 2003564 - License installation using Telnet for AS Java for applicable versions


Using the LICENSING group you can manage the licenses installed to your environment.

Enable the group with ADD LICENSING


Deletes all or selected installed licenses from the instance. Use with caution as the system must have a valid license in order to operate!

Usage: DELETE_LICENSE -all | <index>

The index of the license returned by the LIST_LICENSE command.



Lists all installed licenses.



Prints the Hardware ID of the Message Server.



Installs a license.

Usage: INSTALL_LICENSE -file <file> | -temp [<SW Product>]

where <file> is the location and name of the license file

and <SW Product > is a temporary license for the Software Product.



Lists all defined software products.



Displays the MessageServer’s SystemID.


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