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Telnet commands related to monitoring AS Java Managers

Applies to: SAP NetWeaver 7.1 and higher

DEBUG is a group of commands for monitoring of basic core managers.
To use these commands, enable the group by ADD DEBUG
To display the help information about the available commands in the DEBUG group, you can type one of the following in the command line:


debugmanager <managerName> [JSTSG:<flag>] Displays debug information for a manager.
<managerName> The name of the manager for which will be displayed debug information.

debugmanager ThreadManager

debugmanager ApplicationThreadManager

debugmanager CacheManager

debugmanager ClusterManager

debugmanager DatabaseManager

debugmanager SessionManager

debugmanager ClassLoaderManager the console output of the class loader manager is too big so we recommend to redirect it to a text file. debugmanager ClassLoaderManager >loadersInfo.txt loadersInfo.txt will be created in directory of the server process on which the command is executed: \usr\sap\<>\<>\j2ee\cluster\server<X>

lsm Lists all managers on the current Java instance