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Category:Deployment failed
Category:Deployed successfully, but


Deployed successfully, but ...


  • Deployment Does Not Work


After deployment the changes in a development component are not available on AS Java (or a component is not available at all).


  1. Connect to AS Java through Telnet and use the explore command to check if the component version is updated. The command syntax is 'explore name=<component name> vendor=<vendor name>'. You can get details about command usage by typing 'man explore' in the AS Java Telnet.
  2. If deploying with NWDS, check whether you have selected the Update deployed SDAs/SCAs that have any version option.
  3. Was deployment successful - are there errors or warnings?
  1. Check value of bootstrap property element resynch in usr\sap\<SID>\<instance>\j2ee\cluster\bootstrap\ If it is set to SKIP, the database content will not be downloaded to the file system. The correct setting is DETECT.
  2. The component might be deployed but not started or loaded. Check its status in the AS Java Telnet and start the component.
  3. Check relevant logs & traces for suppressed exceptions.
  4. If none of these suggestions help, report your problem to us.
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