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  • When a deployment or undeployment is attempted it fails with a message like: [ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3218]
    Deploy controller is not ready to serve yet.


  • DCNotAvailableException
  • ready
  • serve
  • yet
  • [ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3047] DPL.DC.3047, DC.3047, 3047
  • [ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3218] DPL.DC.3218, DC.3218, 3218


Step 1

Check if there is a deployment running at the moment:
If there is a deployment, which includes an offline phase and is running at the moment, it will prevent any concurrent deployment operations. To check if this is the case, observe the state of AS Java and the CPU time that it is consuming - an ongoing deployment implies high CPU utilization. Also check if the state of the processes in the AS Java Process Table differs from Running.

If another deployment is running, wait until it finishes and try again.

If the deployment takes too long to finish please go to Step 2.

Step 2
In case of long running deployment refer to the hanging deployment page.

Step 3

If there is no deploymnet currently running, plrease restart the cluster and if you are deploying through some client (JSPM, SUM, etc.) restart the client also and try again.

Step 4
If you do not observe the symptoms described in the previous step, report your problem.

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