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Failing deployment due to: "Deploy API could not retrieve the Result after 7200000 ms""


  • deploy client
  • deploy fails
  • JSPM / SUM


During deployment (usually using JSPM/SUM) following error is logged on client side :

"Deploy API could not retrieve the Result after 7200000 ms"


7200000 ms is the default time-out used by the JSPM / SUM tool during  deployment.. When the deploy client used by the tool does not receive a result for the deployment after this time-out the error above is logged. To resolve the issue follow the steps below:

1.Check if the server is crashed. If it is and you cannot find out why create a message in BC-JAS-COR component .

2.Create a few thread dumps during deployment phase to see where deployment hangs.

3.Check if there's high CPU usage during the deployment.One possible solution in this case is to increase the time-out . It's defined in JSPM config files ( in ../j2ee/JSPM/param/jspm_config.txt  or ../j2ee/JSPM/param/jspm-cmd_config.txt files ) and corresponding property is* /jspm/deployTimeout .* Then you can retry with the deployment.

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