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Want to monitor RMI-P4 communication for NW server. Want to run DSR instrumentation for version >=7.20 and monitor events.


  • Want to enable DSR instrumentation for RM-P4


  • DSR
  • P4
  • DSR instrumentation
  • Monitor RMI-P4


You need to enable DSR traces for RMI-P4 protocol and watch traces for every RMI-P4 call.
Monitor workflow of calls and their performance.
But currently do not know hot to enable traces for RMI-P4 protocol.

The DSR could generate such information in the following way:


From the j2ee telnet you should activate the DSR for RMI-P4 support:

1. Open telnet shell and type the following commands:

> add dsr
> dsr_config -all

How to do it?

Open Telnet shell

Login and type telnet commands to enable DSR for all supported protocols

2. Then in the SAP MMC activate the Web UI for DSR acquired statistics.

From MMC navigate to menu:

AS Java Aliases -> find alias "/dsr" -> right click with the mouse -> select "Launch Application"

And then start the scenario, which you want to collect RMI-P4 statistics for.

Adjust filters in UI for time and protocols and click "Go" button on the page of the DSR's Web UI.

How to do it?

Navigate in MMC to: AS Java Aliases -> find "/dsr" alias -> navigate to context menu -> select "Launch Application"

After you have run the scenario that you want to monitor and click "Go" button in UI.
This will show acquired results in table with details similar to this one on the picture below:

You may adjust time frame that you want to display. You may filter protocols, monitor if there is internal calls for a RMI-P4 call (time for internal calls acquired as external time for current call).
You may check approximate consumed CPU time and memory consumption. Check what methods are invoked in the workflow of the scenario. Check which AS Java user calls methods.
You may check if DB activities performed while processing call.

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