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Want to turn off monitor of RMI-P4 communication for NW server. Want to stop DSR instrumentation for version >=7.20.


  • Want to disable DSR instrumentation for RM-P4


  • DSR
  • P4
  • DSR instrumentation
  • Monitor RMI-P4


You need to disable DSR traces for RMI-P4 protocol. So no DSR objects to be transferred via network, which will reduce network traffic for RMI-P4 and JMS messages.
But currently do not know how to disable DSR related network transfer for RMI-P4/JMS protocols.


From "As Java Telnet" shall you should deavtivate the DSR for RMI-P4 protocol:

1. Open telnet shell and type the following commands:

> add dsr
> dsr_config -default

2. You may check DSR status via the following telnet command:

> add dsr
> dsr_config -state
P4 stats Off

Hint: How to open telnet to AS Java?

Open Telnet shell

Login and type telnet commands to disable DSR for RMI-P4 and JMS protocols.

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