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You cannot determine the exact problem or find a solution?

1. You can search our expert forums to see whether someone else has encountered and solved the same issue.

2. If you're unable to help yourself, report the problem to SAP Support (as per your contractual agreement).

To speed up the processing time, please give SAP Support all the information they need to help you. Before sending the report, do the following:
  • Reproduce the problem.
  • Make an archive with the relevant log files depending on the component in which the problem occurred.
  • In the report, provide the following information:

Problem Report Template

Action: <What you were trying to do in short, e.g. server start, application deploy, install, update>
Time of occurrence: <The exact time when you experienced the problem, e.g. rarely reproducible, on every start, on every second request>
AS Java version: <Version of the AS Java where the problem happens, e.g. SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1>
JDK: <Version of the JDK, e.g. IBM 1.4.2 - 64 Bit >
Database: <Database type and version, e.g. DB2/390 8.1/64. Local DB>
OS platform: <Hardware platform, OS version, patches if any, bit length of the OS, e.g. LINUX/390 2.6.5-7 - 64 Bit>
Userstore location: <DB, R3, ldap, e.g. DB of AS Java>

  • Describe the minimal set of steps necessary to trigger the bug.
  • Attach the archived log files.
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  1. HI Support team

    I am working on ES workplace SRM 7 and ERP 6 and PI7 boxes. i wanted to get BSP pages activated for SRM SUS scenario. HOw do i able to do it the current BSP page URL is not getting opened on my local desktop, is there any other setting that i need to do

    SYSTEM HU5 800 iDES demo server

    Link -

    User id P713073

    password is test123


  2. Unknown User (esrecd2)

    i m having problem while importing support packages.

    pls help,...

  3. Former Member

    I am trying to access the best practice configuration documents in the following link:

    I am brought to the best practices screen where I can drill down to :

    • SAP Best Practices for SAP s4-HANA On Premise/Finance/Accounts Payable

    I cannot see Configuration documentation.  When I log in with my S# (S0017264391), I receive the following error:




    Can you please provide me with Access?



    Charlie Davidson

    Liberty Mutual

    603 - 334-4818