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  • Long running deploy

Long running deploy

How to define the reason for long running deployment?

  1. Deployment or startup may be too slow due to huge amount of traces enabled.
    • Check your log files. If their size is increasing too fast, there may be too many trace locations enabled. If this is the case, make sure the severity level of all locations is WARNING or higher (error, fatal). Other severity levels, such as debug and all should be used for debugging only.
  2. Search for an update at the end of the newest \usr\sap\<SID>\<INSTANCE>\work\deploy.<xx>.trc file on all instances in the cluster.
    • If there is no update for more then one minute, the deploy might be hanging and you could do a thread dump to investigate the problem. You can read more about thread dumps here. Also, in SAP MMC on Windows you can see the long-running threads - they are marked as red in the AS Java Threads section.
    • If the file is being updated, the deploy is time consuming and you simply have to wait.
  3. You could aslo have a look at the hanging deployment page .
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