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Is your service stopped with filter rule?

How to check the filter rules

Step 1
Start the Config Tool located in one of these directories:

Step 2
In View, choose Expert mode.

Step 3
Select the instance.

Step 4
Choose the Filters tab.

Step 5
Check the filters table at the bottom right corner:

Step 6
If the table contains a pattern that corresponds to your service name, answer Yes. If it does not, choose No.
The table includes action, component type, vendor and name masks. Check all the fields with component type service_._


Note that in the example above we use wild card characters. This means that all services that contain myservice in their name will be stopped.


The order of the filters is important since their evaluation is done according to their order in the table. If the "start all components" filter was located after the stop filter, then myservice would be started. Since this is not the case, the service in our case will be stopped.

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