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Needs to add connection related logs to RMI-P4 standalone client, to log only connection related messages.


RMI-P4 client connection


Too much p4 logs in standalone environment, when enable traces via property:





You can add JVM arguments when starting the RMI-P4 client to increase only connection related logs. is a Location that is used by RMI-P4 client's connection manager, and prints logs that are related to opening new connection, reusing it, etc.

After the ':' in the argument's value set the severity. Possible values are:

"fatal", "error", "warning", "info", "path", "debug", "all"

You can also specify integer values: 100, 200, ... 

To specify output file, use the following property. Example:


Where p4.trc is relative or absolute path to file, where RMI-P4 traces will be separated from all other traces. The user, that starts JVM process, shall be able to write in working or specified folder in order to create trace files.


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