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After upgrade, ESR and IB works only if the configured communication protocol is P4. Via P4S (RMI-P4 over SSL), the Java Web Start client could not connect to server.




Unable to connect to server dialog box is diplayed instead of main window of application.


First possible workaround is to change value of property from P4S to P4: = P4

Here is detailed instructions how to change this property:

To change the property value = P4
1) http://<host>:<http_port>/dir/start/index.jsp
2) Click on the link Administration    > Exchange Profile    >
3) Here hit the Search button.
4) In the name field provide and hit the search button.
5) Once the search result is available click on the
link    >
6) Then you change the value field to P4 and save the value.
7) Now close the browser window and in the Administration page select the "Aii Properties" and on the right side table enter P4 under the column "Value" and check the changes are applied.


Apply latest fixes in ESR and IB application. If the issue is not solved - create a CSN in BC-XI-IBF component.

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