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The SAP Cloud connector startup fails.

The ljs_trace file in <sap>/scc20/log folder contains this error:

#Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler ["http-bio-8443"] Address already in use: JVM_Bind <null>:8443
  at org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol.init(
Caused by: Address already in use: JVM_Bind <null>:8443
#ERROR: stopping SAP Cloud Connector since port 8443 is used by another process with PID = 1234


The administration port 8443 is allocated by another process already. 

Solution 1

Stop the process reported by the cloud connector log, in the above case process ID 1234.

Solution 2

During installation of the SAP Cloud connector choose a free port.

Solution 3

Change the administration port with changeport tool.

See the online help for details:

Changing the UI Port

The changeport tool reports the new port number:

Adjusted port from 8443 to 8445. 
Modification of config files finished successfully. 
SAP Cloud Connector UI can now be reached via port 8445
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