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  • When you start/restart AS Java, you may find the server node keeps in starting phase for unusual long time.
  • Or during normal operation, the AS Java does not response

To find the root cause for such issue, usually it requires to trigger thread dump, and collect necessary developer trace for troubleshooting. The supportibility tool provides the function to collect all necessary information including e.g. developer trace, thread dump, detail component information by just single button.


  1. Open NW for JAVA - Support Tool
  2. Connect to target J2EE system
  3. In the main menu, press "Hanging" button.
  4. You will first get a troubleshooting guide. The guide will help you troubleshoot the possible issue.
  5. Make sure the JAVA system is currently in "hanging" status. Then click "Start" button

    Note: the trace collecting may need a long time because 4 threaddump will be triggered automatically.
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