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RELEASE SAP NW 6.40 and 7.00

The Web Dynpro Content Administrator is installed with the J2EE Engine. You can use this tool for administration of the Web Dynpro contents deployed to the J2EE Engine. If you are using the adaptive RFC model, the tool for application development is used to maintain the JCo destinations and can be seen as an enhancement to the Visual Administrator tool.
When you deploy a Web Dynpro application that uses an adaptive RFC model, the required JCo destinations are defined in the development component containing the RFC model. These JCo destinations can be maintained with the Web Dynpro Content Administrator. You can also define additional JCo destinations that are not deployed in a  development component, irrespective of the Web Dynpro application.

The URL is: http://<Server>:<50000+100*Instance>/webdynpro/dispatcher/


Enter the JCo name and other details

Choose the DATA TYPE (Make sure that all "METADATA" destinations have user id/password maintained for connection to the backend and all "MODELDATA" destinations use the SSO functionality for connection).

Click on finish and the end screen should be like the below screenshot. Click on "TEST" to check if the JCo connection actually works.

RELEASE SAP NW 7.1 and higher

Since WD content admin is deprecated from 7.1 onwards, JCo destinations need to be maintained in the /nwa -> destinations.For more information, check:


NOTE: SAP's Internet Application components like, ESS/MSS still uses the old ARFC model, so this is an exception. For more details, check SAP KBA ##1544135.


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