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CREATING JCo RFC Provider Service

The RFC enables the execution of predefined functions in a remote or local system. ŸThis is done by registering the server Program to the ABAP gateway and the service is technically based on the JCo. Based on JCo 2 API, this service dispatches the incoming RFC requests to Java Beans. The JCo RFC Provider registers itself on the gateway and listens for incoming RFC requests, they are dispatched to the Java Beans. The name of the Java Bean must be the same as the Remote Function Module name called and must be registered in JNDI .

Refer to SAP Note 1135947 - Bean not found

For new applications the Java Resource Adapter is the recommended way instead for JCo RFC Providers.

RELEASE SAP NW 6.40 and 7.00

On a SAP NW 6.40 and 7.00 server, log in to visual admin -> server -> services and a JCO RFC destination can be created here.

For more information, check: .

RELEASE SAP NW 7.1 and higher

On a SAP NW 7.1+ engine, the Netweaver Administrator needs to be used for this connection.

For more information, check: .


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