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  • When start/restart AS Java, the server node remains in starting phase for unusual long time;
  • During normal operation, the AS Java is not responding, or hanging;
  • You find CPU utilization become high and it used by Java process (e.g. Jlaunch).

To find the root cause for such issue, you have to create thread dump form all Java threads running on a server process.


  1. Open NW for JAVA - Support Tool
  2. Connect to target J2EE system
  3. In the main menu, press "Expert", then go to "Thread Dump"
  4. Here you will see all server process, select certain process nodes where you want to trigger thread dump on.

    Number of Dumps: specify how many dumps you want to trigger on this server process
    Time between Dumps (seconds): Specify the time interval for each dump.
  5. Press "Start" to trigger thread dump

    The thread dump will be written to developer trace. e.g. dev_server0
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