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There is an error trace in the ICM logs.


In the ICM traces you can see the following error message:

ERROR => client with this banner already exists:


  • P4
  • ICM


  • If the server has only one IP configured there are applications that are trying to open new InitialContext() with forceRemote=true set in the properties.
  • The error in the logs might be caused by multiple IP configuration.  For more information on this case see SAP note 1158626.


  • If the system is only with one IP this error trace can be ignored as it is not causing any failure. The applications that are trying to create new InitialContext() are re-using the already created connection after they receive the error.
  • If the server has multiple IP configuration that might cause failure in the ICM connection to P4 and the solution of this problem is described in note 1158626.
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