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When you encounter runtime Exception during normal operation, usually we need kind of  trace and logs specially defaultTrace for troubleshooting. Without adequate guidance and knowledge the process of collecting such information data can prove to be time consuming, and sometimes the collected information is incorrect.

The tool provides the function to collect all necessary information by just one single button


  1. Open NW for JAVA - Support Tool
  2. Connect to target J2EE system
  3. In the main menu, press "Exception" button.
  4. You will first get a troubleshooting guide. The guide will help you troubleshoot the possible issue

    Note: The exception handling has an option to record the screen, click on the check box, it will record the screen as video when you clicking 'start' button.
  5. Press "Start" button, then you can reproduce the issue.
    (The screen from now will be recorded)
  6. After issue reproduced, press "Stop" button

    The information will be stored into the support tool directory "AnalysisPackages".
  7. Press Continue, you will then be able to select any of the 3 options to send the trace to SAP.
    • Attach to Incident-This option will be available only when file (collected trace or analysis package) smaller than 4 MB.
    • Upload Mobile documents
    • Upload FTP Secure



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