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You want to check the version of the used SAP Cloud Connector.


Open the SAP Cloud Connector administration UI, https://localhost:8443.

In Cloud Connector Administration line select About from the dropdown list:

the About popup window shows the SAP Cloud Connector version:


Alternative ways

In case there is no access to the SAP Cloud Connector UI, the version can be checked in the log files.

When the SAP Cloud Connector is running on Windows as a service, open the scc_service.log file in c:\SAP\scc20\log folder and and look for the latest startup:

**** Sat Jun 02 08:50:37 2018 **** Opening Log File 
Cloud Connector Version: 
Found JavaHome in SCC Registry:	C:\Work.Tools\sapjvm_8\

The Cloud Connector Version line shows the version, in this case

In case of Linux or Windows operating systems open ljs_trace.log file with a plain text editor, look for the latest Cloud Connector entries:

2018-06-02 08:53:08,886+0200#INFO#System.out#Thread-10#      #Cloud Connector 2.11.1 started on https://localhost:8443 (master)|
2018-06-02 08:53:08,  #Cloud Connector 2.11.1 started on https://localhost:8443 (master)|

The default log folder path in Windows c:\ SAP\scc20\log in Linux /opt/sap/scc/log.


When the ljs_trace.log file is downloaded from Log And Trace Files section, the ZIP archive includes an scc_about.txt file, which also contains the same information as the About popup window:

SAP Cloud Connector 2.11.1
     Tunnel: 2.69.2
     Netty: 4.1.19.Final
     JRE: 1.8.0_102 (SAP AG, C:\Work.Tools\sapjvm_8\jre)
     JVM: SAP Java Server VM (8.1.024 25.51-b09, Sep 14 2016 09:51:20 - 81_REL - optU - windows amd64 - 6 - bas2:277037 (mixed mode))
     OS: Windows 10 (10.0)
     User: ***********
     Dir: C:\SAP\scc20
     SCC UI: 1.11.1
     Installation: installer
     SAPUI5: 1.52.11
     jQuery: 2.2.3 


Latest SAP Cloud Connector version

The latest version of SAP Cloud Connector is available on site.




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