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The purpose of this document is to explain troubleshooting steps in cases where the shell console administrator does not work.


The shell console administrator, accessed by the J2EE telnet port is available on the operating system and can be used for SAP NETWEAVER AS JAVA administration without any further added installation/deployment. This is especially useful in cases where access to online tools (like netweaver administrator) is not available in the advent of the J2EE server hanging and not responding cases and can be accessed straight from the OS level.

Communication port set wrongly

The J2EE server has a preconfigured set of communication ports (that are maintained in the instance profile in /usr/sap/<SID>SYS/profile) and these are used for both the internal and external communications. There should not be any conflicting ports setup on the server. The telnet port is usually 5<nr>08 and below are the excerpts from a standard SAP system instance profile:


icm/server_port_0 = PROT=IIOP, PORT=50007
icm/server_port_1 = HOST=localhost, PROT=TELNET, PORT=50008
icm/server_port_2 = PROT=P4, PORT=50004

As a basic rule, the array index (<xx>) must be consecutive (which means no gap should be present); else the parser will stop at the gap and ignore the rest of the definitions. For more information, check:

Incase of a 7.1 and higher server, several other options are available in the SAPMMC -> Web Administration Interface:

Note: Inorder to login to the Web Administration Interface, the icmauth.txt file needs to be maintained. Amendments to this file are possible via the ICMON tool from the kernel folder (icmon -a pf=<instance profile name>. Check Create Administration User for more on this.

Telnet does not start

By default, due to security constraints, telnet is not activated on newer operating system versions. If so, the command "ServerManagercmd  -install telnet-client" needs to be run as mentioned in Telnet does not start.


Users do not have permissions to run the telnet tool

All users that are part of the administrators group (that has the administrator role assigned to it) can run the telnet tool. If other users need to connect to telnet, they should have the security role "telnet_login" assigned to them.

Telnet does not start up automatically after engine restart

It is possible that the startup mode of the telnet tool is set to "Manual". If so, open the configtool, navigate to the services tree and click on the "telnet" service and set it to "Always" (or as desired).

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