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This document introduces the all steps about how to implement SSL mannually

From NetWeaver 7.2 and higher release,  you can use SSL configuration tool instead.



1. Maintain ICM Parameters for Using SSL :

  • Find instance profile /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<SID>_<instance>_<hostname>
  • Add icm/server_port_<xx> and ssl/ssl_lib in to this proile.
  • Restart the ICM

     * Please refer to document Maintaining ICM Parameters for Using SSL for detail

2. Open NWA Key storage:
http://<portal_hostname>:<port>/NWA > Configuration Management >  Certificates and Keys

3. Backup ICM_SSL_<instance_ID> view
    <Caution> By default, the AS Java uses the ICM_SSL_<instance_ID> view for setting up an SSL connection.

4. Generat the New Key Pair (private key and certificate)

  • Find the ICM_SSL_<instance_ID> view, or ICM_SSL_<instance_ID>_<port>
  • Delete for the existing AS Java key pair entry
  • Create new key pare by clicking "Creat" button.

     * You may find more detail information regarding

After that 2 entry should been generated:

5. Sign it by CA

  • Clicking "Cenerate CSR Request" to download the entey.
  • Send the request file to CA vendor.
  • Import the CA response file by "Import CSR Response" or "Import Entry"

Please also refer to the screenshot in attachment Create key pair steps.doc.

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