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SAP Business Connector 4.8 can be downloaded and used free of charge by every SAP customer with a valid license. Customers should once apply to download the SAP BC for passing a license check.

Information and Download Area on the SAP Support Portal:


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Regarding patches for the BC Server, there are two sorts of patches which are independent from each other, and can be installed separately.

  • Core Fix – Patches for the SAP BC Server core functionality; released once/twice a year
  • Service Release – Patches for the integrated SAP Adapter; contain the SAP Java Connector and the Java IDoc Class Library (JIDocLib) and are usually released shortly after new JCo and/or JIDocLib patch levels have been released.


The SAP BC patches are delivered via the SAP Support Portal and the SAP Software Download Center. 
The latest release is SAP BC Release 4.8:

  • Server Core Fix 14: SAP Note 2861179
  • Service Release 15: SAP Note 2845455
  • Service Release 15 Hotfix 1: SAP Note 2910687
  • Developer Core Fix 8: SAP Note 2753748

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License key

After your company has been granted the SAP Business Connector download permission, you can get your license key from the SAP Software Download Center as follows:

Navigate to the Installation & Upgrade or to the Support Packages & Patches section for the SAP Business Connector 4.8 and click the 'INFO' tab strip.


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