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Corrections of Java code (Support Packages or Patches) are usually delivered in file type SCA (= Software Component Archive). A dependency between SCAs is possibly generated by a correction in multiple Software Components within a single SAP Note. Due to the cumulative nature of Java Patches (i.e. every Patch contains the content of all former Patches), potential SCA dependencies may exist in former Patch Levels. Therefore it could be necessary to update other SCAs as well when downloading the SCA of the initial requested Java Patch. 

The SCA Dependency Analysis is available only for Java Software Components.The SCA Dependency Analysis evaluates those SCA dependencies and provides a list with potential dependent download objects.


  1. Open NW for JAVA - Support Tool
  2. Connect to target J2EE system.
  3. In the main menu, press "SC Patch Tools"
  4. Here you have to input the credential to SAP Service MarketPlace
  5. It will show all components based on your J2EE server and calculates their latest available version..
  6. Click on component that you want to find its dependent components, press "Check", button, all its dependent components show in the screen.





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