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A visual aid on how to deploy using the SDM remote GUI. (for  AS JAVA 7.0X/6.40)

Launching the SDM remote GUI

First insure your SDM node is running. (Check if it is Green in the SAPMMC)

Next launch the Gui from the following location:

-  /usr/sap/<SID>/<instanceID>/SDM/program/RemoteGui.bat (or .sh depending on your OS)

  1. Click on the connect icon
  2. Enter the SDM password
  3. Select the deplyment tab, the add SCA icon then selce the file you wish to deploy.
  4. Check the deploy options are to your liking then selcet next.

  5. Select Next again.
  6. Select "Start Deployment", the file will deploy and show the deploy logs on the gui. Click confirm and that is the deployment finished:



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