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You have configured proxy correctly, to make sure the PC where the support tool running on is able to connect to AS JAVA and internet.


  1. Open NW for JAVA - Support Tool
  2. Connect to target J2EE system
  3. In the main menu, press "Expert" button. then navigate to "Analysis Package", Select the file that you want to send to SAP processor
  4.  Press "Continue" -> Read and "Accept" the agreement. -> Precess "Continue"

It provides 3 ways to send the file to SAP:

Upload MobileYou need the container URL and password that provided by SAP consultant
Attach to IncidentIt will copy the location path of the file to clipbord, then you can open your SAP incident and past directly the path to the attachment
Upload FTP SecureThis is secure FTP server. You need input the server URL and credential that provided by SAP consultant

Note: If the file size bigger than 4 MB, the "Attach to Incident" button will be not available as the limitation attachment to SAP incident is 4 MB.


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